Saturday, July 5, 2008

Size Matters in Switzerland!

Most cows in Switzerland will wear a bell while grazing in the Alps during the summer. This lady is probably a lead cow. Lead cows are assigned the largest and loudest bell. Other cows in the herd are kept together by the sound of these bells.


rkollman said...

Thanks for the picts. How has the weather been? Enjoy your trip. How is the rest of the group doing? Nancy in particular do to her health? RAY & MARY LOU

Karen said...

Hi all. How was the long flight? I am anxious to see photos and hear news on Nancy, Emary, Bry, Angie, Steph and my friend, Deb, as well as everyone else. Bry: Izabell misses you but is doing great, settling in and having a great time with Mikaela who is keeping her busy. Be safe! Karen