Saturday, July 5, 2008

Let's GO!

I've been in touch with friends who are currently in Switzerland, and according to them, the weather's been hot and humid. Their 'fleece' never left the suitcase! Because of that, and since we'll be spending a fair amount of time in the southern, Italian section of the country, well... I'm packing light!
Besides what you see here, I'll be bringing a 22x16x10 rolling suitcase. I'll be wearing my boots onto the plane, so I don't need to carry them. In the daypack shown, I'll have a toothbrush, some 'wet ones', my iPod (with my French language lessons!), my passport and health insurance card. Also: eye drops, small bag of gorp (peanuts and raisins), two extra camera batteries in a separate ziplock, a small, good book (A House for Mr. Biswas), a business card to identify the daypack, just in case... and my camera. Since it's an overnight flight, I'll dress in strechy yoga pants, a T-shirt and will bring a fleece, some flip flops, eye covers and ear plugs. I've been pushing fluids to stay hydrated, and getting in some good nights' sleep!


Nancy Kollmann said...

I am so excited about heading to Switzerland. I need to leave all my worries and stressors behind and enjoy being with great family and friends. Yodel-a-hee! Nancy Kollmann

Carol said...

Have a great trip guys! I'll be thinking of you!