Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Train to Schwende

Here's a view from a balcony of the Hotel Alpenblick in Schwende, in the Appenzell Region of Switzerland. I remember Schwende for the sounds we find there: train whistles, church bells and of course, cow bells!

Schwende was our last stop in our tour this year. Michael and Regula were our host/hostess at the Alpenblick, a beautiful hotel that we continue to return to year after year.

Soglio Flowers

These flowers provide a glimpse of what beautful colors you'll see in Switzerland. This picture was taken in Soglio, a small town that we visited on the way back from a walk to Tombal. We all expected Julie Andrews to arrive and break out into song while visiting the meadowlands near Tombal!

Snow Capped Mountains... in July!

This picture was taken on one of our walks near Sils Maria, south of St. Moritz. A storm had blown through while we were in Morcote; the snow is probably the result of that storm. After a day in the Sils Maria area, we returned in the evening to Vicosoprano to a wonderful meal prepared by our chef, Aldo. Maybe others in the group could share the menu??